Physical address:
​6296 Donnelly Plaza
Ratkeville, ​Bahamas.

If We Work Then It Looks Good

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Larry Hart


About Admire cables Pvt Ltd

In Admire Cables Pvt Ltd we takes pride in as it abides by strict quality standards for
manufacturing compiled together followed by us with technical norms of Industry. Our prime motto “To Honor our Customer’s Satisfaction with Timely delivery & Followed Quality Standards” has not only contributed to inculcate trust and respect amid their clients located in every corner of the

Our Team

Samarth Jain


Samarth envisions Admire Cables as a
market leader with a youthful and vibrant
image, recognized for its innovative marketing strategies and a strong
customer-centric approach.

Manish Jain


Manish envisions Admire Cables as a global brand with a strong foothold in the wire and cable industry, where financial stability and quality remain the guiding principles



Aakarsh envisions Admire Cables as a
brand that is synonymous with quality and
precision, recognized for its unwavering
commitment to delivering top-tier products
to its customers.


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